Jennifer K.

Date: January 01, 1970 || Time: || Place:

We moved from San Francisco to Sonoma as my daughter turned two. I had no preconceived notions of preschools in the area and visited practically every one. As a mom I looked for a warm and loving atmosphere. As a pediatric occupational therapist it was important to me that the learning experiences be age-appropriate, multi-sensory, based in knowledge of early childhood development, and fun! I knew when I toured that this was the place. My daughter has been there over a year and I’m routinely impressed with the creativity, projects, and activities. There’s lots of music, art, science and gross/fine motor play. I have confidence that my daughter is truly cared for and she has a ball. Also, the communication is great. I get photos a newsletter, and emails keeping me informed. The teachers are wonderful and they’re very flexible. With a little advanced notice they can usually accommodate extra hours which is a nice perk. My daughter is thriving at Old Adobe School–I highly recommend it!