Our Staff

Hannah Hemenway ( Pre Kindergarten Teacher )

Hi All!! I am Hannah Hemenway and new to the Old Adobe School staff as of July 2018. I am one of the lead Pre-k teachers mainly working with our older threes to fives focusing on getting them ready for Kindergarten at five. I am originally from Vermont, growing up in the outdoors and learning through play as a child I knew I found home when I came to Old Adobe. The combination of nature based, and child centered curriculum seemed to be a perfect blend of my two favorite types of teaching styles that I came across during my time at Fullerton College obtaining my Associates in Early Childhood Education. I have always wanted to have some role with young children, always playing the mom role or teacher, growing up. I started my college career with a different goal in mind but my devotion to children continued to pull at my heart and so, three and a half years in, I took a hard-right turn and changed my major. I fell in love with the Early Childhood Education program at Fullerton College and my time there solidified my passion for the development of young minds. After my time at Fullerton College I spent three years at a private preschool program quickly moving up in positions, starting as a van driver for our elementary aged students, lead Pre-k teacher, head of infant toddler center to landing the director’s position. I spent a little over a year directing a fairly large facility and after experiencing both size programs I can, without hesitation, say the small intimate program here at Old Adobe School not only allows the child to thrive but also the teachers, the relationships, the bonds, and the community. I feel truly blessed and honored to be a member of the staff at Old Adobe School.