Our Staff

Angelica Garcia ( Preschool Teachers)

I’m Angelica Garcia, and I have been working at Old Adobe School since April 2016. I’m the head teacher in the preschool room and I work mainly with the two and three year olds. I enjoying working with them so much because I like teaching them new things and having them teach me new things as well. We have an amazing staff crew and I enjoy working with them because they are as passionate about working with children as I am. I have worked in other places like retail and office work, but never got the satisfaction in my work as I do here. I love the work environment and the location that we are at. We have a beautiful playground so the children can play and discover new things as their hearts desire. One main reason why I like working at Old Adobe is because of the philosophy that is applied here. I strongly agree that children learn for playing and being around other children their age. We have amazing children here at Old Adobe School and amazing parents as well. I love working with the children and the families. I believe having a strong connection with the families help the child be successful.
I have my Associate Degree in Child Development which I obtained at Santa Rosa Junior College. Eventually, I’ll go back to Sonoma State University toget my Bachelors Degree in Child Development. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, hiking, dancing cumbia, seeing live music, and traveling to new places I have never been before.