Our Staff

Samantha Sollestre ( Pre Kindergarten Teachers)

My name is Samantha Sollestre, however most people call me Sam. I started working in the PreK classroom in June 2017, with the three, four, and five year-olds. I’m happy to have found Old Adobe because their
philosophy and approach to early education matches mine. I believe that children have much to share with each other, as well as adults, and that their interests should play the main role in developing the classroom curriculum, which should also be centered around engaging play. I was born in Michigan, and lived there until I graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in Human Physiology. I’ve always known I wanted to work with children, but up until I graduated I thought that I wanted to become a pediatrician. During my undergrad, I started working in a preschool off campus, and that is when I really began to consider a different career path. So instead of medical school, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Human Development, with a specialization in Early Childhood Education from Pacific Oaks College. While completing my master’s degree, I was working as a full time preschool teacher in Ohio, just north of Cincinnati. My classroom was 2-3 year olds, but I also got to work a lot with the infants and toddlers, which I loved as well. I moved to Napa in August 2016 and worked as a nanny for twin infants while I completed my thesis work. I love being an early childhood teacher because I enjoy getting to be part of this interesting, and constantly changing, stage in children’s development. My main interests outside of teaching are traveling, exploring the Bay Area, being outdoors, and reading.